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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The fabulously talented Mandy is here today from Sugar Been Craft Edition. Check out her blog where I am taking over for the day too.

Hi, I'm Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition over at http://www.craftedition.blogspot.com/ - I am excited to be here on Fun to Craft and swap spots with Stacey for a day. I love staying home with my 4 kids and all the fun that comes with it - I also love heading up my craft blog. I do crafts (obviously!) with tutorials, give photography tips, try out recipes - I've got it all! I feel like if I can do something, you can too. I have a link party on tuesdays, so be sure to pop on over for Take-A-Look Tuesday to check out some fabulous projects shared by the readers.

For you today I wanted to share a quick and easy sewing project - this would be a fun one for a beginning sewer, or even to teach a child to sew this summer to fill some of those "I'm bored" moments.

It's an Apron Dress-up Skirt - let's get started:

Cut a rectangle of fabric as the base. Mine is that cheap satin - it's kind of hard to work with but has a fun sheen. Cut it the size you'd like - anything will work. Since this is just to play in, I serged around the 3 edges (leave the top) - you can hem it for a nicer finish.

Then you cut several pieces of tulle (the fine netting stuff) that are slightly longer and about 6 -10 inches wider than your base fabric. Once again, this is for dress-up, so I wan't aiming for perfection.
Sew all the tulle to the skirt at the top on the right side. As you do this, kind of wrinkle up the tulle - this will give it some poof. It's the lazy way to gather. You can see in how I did it in the picture below:
I used my serger again, so I didn't need to finish that edge either. But if you use a regular sewing machine, either wrap a ribbon or bias tape around the top edge, or turn it under, so it looks nice.

Then I cut 4 strips of tulle, layered them 2 and 2, and sewed each to a side of the waist of the apron. I zigzagged it on for additional strength.
That's it - sewing can be quick and easy! I enjoy how it ties in the back, for easy in-and-out dressing up.
I made another Dress-Up Apron using a tie-on strip method and my model wanted to wear that one as a veil - I guess that's the fun of dressing up!
Thanks for letting my share my project with you. Hope to see you over on Sugar Bee Craft Edition!

Thanks again for the cute dress up idea Mandy. Just love your blog and all that you have on there. I always look forward to your posts! Thanks for swappin'. Go check out Mandy and leave her some comment love. She has some great ideas!!

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