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Hello November!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I cannot believe it is already November. Wow, time flies. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. Yummy!! Growing up we always did Thanksgiving dinner with all of my Mom's family. There was usually around 60-70 of us. It was a great time. We usually ended up at a local church or school to house us all. Can you imagine trying to fit that many people in your house?? Ca-razy! Our house would definitely not fit that many here nor would our table. We have a simple table that seats 4. But we used to have one of those tall square tables. It was one of those drop leaf tables that could hide away parts and you could pull it out usually just for the holidays to seat more family. I loved it. I definitely want one again.

But I am loving the Fall weather. We still warm up to mid 70s during the day but it is so nice to have cool evenings and mornings. I love the leaves changing colors and just the smell of Fall in the air.

I am hoping to get some new fun projects done for Thanksgiving. Heck, I still have some old ones to share. I just finished sewing 800+ flowers for a girl in town whose etsy shop got a big order from Anthropologie. It was insane. My hand muscles actually hurt. But they are darling. (No not my hands, the flowers.) I have a picture of them but I am too lazy to upload it off my camera right now. Maybe tomorrow.


Farah November 1, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

Hi Stacy... yes November, a new season, a new month with new energy... hope to see some fun projects...
I would love if you spare a little bit of yours for me at

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