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Room Change!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We are moving into a house in about 2 weeks. I cannot wait. After being in apartments and other small living spaces for the last 4 1/2+ years while my hubby went to school, I am ready for some space! I am also ready to decorate!! I have SO many ideas whirling in my head and hope to share some with you...and maybe get some ideas from you too!!

But one thing that is fun is we just got a new couch. I made sure to go with a neutral color (I wanted light tan but with 3 small kiddos my sanity said NO!). One thing I can't wait to do with a neutral couch is to swap out pillows. I already have a TON in mind to get. I love this deal on Very Jane today too....helps me change up my room for CHEAP!!

Which one is your favorite?? I can't really decide. I love all the color combos!!


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