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Welcome to Fun to Craft. I am a mom of two crazy kiddos and a wife to a law student who is sometimes seen around our house. I get bored and need a creative outlet for me, so I craft. I definitely dig home decor, sewing, crocheting, hand embroidery, spray painting, hot gluing and anything else I have to do to make that project just right. I am on a student budget so I definitely have to keep things cheap and thrifty, but that is kind of how I am anyway so I doubt I would change much even if I was rich and famous!

I have had a family blog for about 3 years and love to keep friends and fam updated around the US on our latest happenings. My craft projects started taking over my blog and I decided it would be fun to start up just a blog for me, "Mamma me-ah." So that is how Fun to Craft got its start. I hope to be able to inspire others to do fun things for their house. I also hope to feature other great crafters and have some fun giveaways on here too. If I can get you started on doing something new you have never tried, then I have succeeded.

Since I am also obsessed with finding cute ideas across the web, I will probably feature some great finds or ideas that I come across too. I guess whatever my mood is for the day, is what we will get on here. I usually have about 5-10 projects going on at once, not because I can't finish them. But because I like to have variety so whatever I feel like doing for the day, I have something going already. It is just how I am. I am a true multi-tasker and can't imagine life any other way. So come and stay for awhile while you check things out. If you have used one of my ideas, please link it back to me. It always makes me jump for joy and call my mom or the hubby and make them look at it too. If you want me to feature one of my ideas that you completed, send me your link and I would love to do that too! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at funtocraft at gmail dot com. Oh, and if you feature me, I would love to know and give a shout out to you, so email about that too. I would love to hear from you and get to know you better!

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