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The decorating dilemma

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with moving into a new place. The fun and excitement of what to decorate and where to put things I do enjoy. But then there are the new found joys of how do I make this look cute?? And don't forget the new things that I find my kids are always getting into that they shouldn't be. Take this fireplace for example.While I was super excited to have a mantle to decorate (still in progress so no pics yet but I will share some of my along the way ideas), I am annoyed that my 1 year old little girl always seems to want to go inside of the fireplace. While it is "clean," I don't really think it is clean. Does anyone else have this dilemma?? I came up with a fun solution that I am excited to share. Plus it is on the CHEAP like you wouldn't believe. Can't wait to share it!!


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