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Matte Board decor

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I think I mentioned a few months back about how I redid my tv stand. I am still loving it being black. But I have been looking for some decor that I could do around it and up on the mantle. I covered a few matte boards that I got at the dollar store with some fabric. The nice thing about this is, when I want to update the look...all I have to do is undo the staples and add new fabric. I am a sucker for fun fabrics and am looking forward to getting new couches one day with a whole new "look" to them. I love my red ones, don't get me wrong but I really want some that are lighter and maybe a little more neutral. We used to have a sectional that was a light color and it was so nice to be able to mix and match anything to change out the decor.

So why did I use 2 matte boards instead of just one? Just because the staples in my staple gun were longer and would have poked through just a bit if I had just used one. Also, I think it gives it a little more edge being a bit thicker. So just pull it tight and staple away. Love easy and cheap projects.


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