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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hi!!! My name is Courtney and I am author over at Freshly
Squeezed. My blog consist of some tutorials, some of my own and
some that I have borrowed from other crafty blogs, and lots of
giveaways from my personal online boutique, CuppyCake Boutique, where
I make trendy boutique style children's clothing. I am
a mother to one very active toddler boy and wife to my wonderful
husband. On top of running a busy business out of my home and being a
WAHM, I am also a senior in college completing my studies in

I am so excited to be doing a tutorial here at Fun To Craft. Stacey is
so creative herself and I am a little bit intimidated, so I hope that
I can impress you guys only half as much as Stacey has impressed
myself and I am sure all of you too.

Let’s get started shall we!!!
Today I would like to show you how to make a crayon apron.
Materials needed:
-3 pieces of fabric of your choice. I made one that will fit approx.
2-4 years old.
One piece for the apron ties (6in x 69in)
One piece for apron (10in x 16 in)
One piece for crayon holder (4 in x 11in)
-matching thread

Now that we have our supplies gathered we can start on the fun stuff.

Take your long piece that you have for your apron ties and fold in
half with right sides facing.
Find the middle of your apron ties and mark with a pin or
marker. Now mark 5 ½ inches on each side of the middle mark. This
space will be where you will fit the apron later. Sorry I don't have a
pic of this.
Now sew the apron ties shut leaving an opening where you have marked
with your pins or marker.

Take your apron ties and turn it right side out.

Press with an iron being sure that the middle folds in as you iron.
Place the apron ties aside for later.

Now take your apron and fold the two shorts sides and one of the long
sides and fold about ¼ in. and press. Fold once more and press again.

Sew all three sides leaving one side untouched.

This part is magic to me. I don’t see many people do this so I don’t
know if it is an unknown in the sewing world but check this out. Set
your machine tension as high as it will go and your stitch length as

Take your apron and sew straight down the raw edge. This should gather
your apron. If it does not then you will need to set tension to about
1-2 and sew the raw edge without backstitching. Now tug on your thread
to make the apron about 11inches in length.

Take you apron and insert it into the apron ties (remember the middle
that we left untouched earlier).

Be sure to pin, pin, pin!

Once you have your apron pinned well into your apron ties, topstitch
the apron into the apron ties.

And look you have a super cute apron as it is. But who wants to stop
there. Now we add the crayon holder.

Take your crayon holder and turn the 2 shorts sides under about ¼ in
and press. Turn once more and press again. Do the same with one of the
long sides.

Sew the 3 sides hems leaving one raw edge.

Now take your crayon holder and place it on top of the apron with the
right sides facing and the raw edge about 3 inches from the bottom.
Sew a straight stitch across the top.

Now fold the croyon holder up so that the wrong side of the crayon
holder is facing the right side of the apron. Top stitch the 2 short

I used the large crayons for this apron so my crayon compartments are
sewn every one inch. Use a pin to measure every one inch and sew from
the top to bottom making sure to keep your line straight.


There are obviously more compartments than six but I only had six crayons.

How super cute is that and easy peasy. I love it. Now I have to find a
little girl to give it to. Wait a minute….do I hear a giveaway coming
on? Check out my blog to see. Also be sure to check out my facebook page to
keep up with other promotions and giveaways.

Thank you again to Courtney from Freshly Squeezed for taking Fun to Craft hostage today. What a darling crayon apron. I love that stripe animal print. SO cute!! Go check out her blog. She has some darling ideas on it...and it sounds like maybe a giveaway too!

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy May 15, 2010 at 10:48 AM  

This is adorable! My 13 year old daughter loves to sew, she will love this! Thanks!

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