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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello, My name is Cheri


Its So Very Cheri

I am Mom to 4 great kiddos


wife to one hubby.

I home school the 2 oldest boys but nexct year I will be home schooling three when G3 enters Kindergarden.

Our 4 kiddos call themselves the G-Force

--all of their names begin with the letter G--

plus my hubby is in school so life is crazy.


I really enjoy blogging and just moved my blog a couple of months ago.

If you used to follow me you need to re-sign up, Google swipes all of your followers when you leave.

My blog just turned 1 year last year.

I have a couple of fun give-a-ways going on right now.

1 is an i-phone and

the other is

a really cool Craigslist APP.


I have a couple of fun parties each week.

On Mondays

Its So Very Creative

and on Wednesdays



I am also part of the DIY Club.

We just had our first event.

We will be changing several things next month to make it even better.

This Sunday we will announce the top 10 and the voting will begin.

Come over and vote for your favs.

Enough about me and my blog.

I am so honored to be here today to share with you a fun tutorial.

I have some pretty Beach Glass.

I picked up some pretty aqua, green and blue rocks while we were at Sea World

to mix in with the sea glass.

No it was not a thrifty buy but I crammed as many rocks in the bag as I could possibly fit.

I just think it is so pretty.


Maybe you have seen the pretty
in the Flea Market Style Magazine

in a pretty piece of jewelry.

Do you know what it is?

Beach Glass is also called
Sea Glass

It washes up on the BEACH
it is hard to find
You usually have to get up
really early
to find it
they sweep the beaches clean.

Some people think it is something
created by the Sea

It is actually
something beautiful
that comes from humans leaving trash

People go to the beach
with their thick beer bottles

made of nice thick glass

that comes in a variety of colors

and they leave them there.

They get washed back into the water

God allows
the Sea
to begin doing its magic

When they wash back on shore
we get beautiful

Beach Glass

If you don't live anywhere near a beach

You can make your own beach glass

that looks pretty close to the real thing.

You will need:

An Ice Cream Maker or Rock Tumbler

Gritty sand

Rock Salt

Thick pieces of broken glass in a variety of colors



You want to take broken glass pieces

Make sure you use thick glass

Get an ice cream maker

(if you don't have a rock tumbler)

Take out the paddle arm.

Put your pieces of glass in.

add some gritty sand --a few Tablespoons

I think it needs some rock salt as well

After all the ocean has salt and I am sure it plays a part

in creating these beautiful pieces

Just barely cover it with water.

Place in your garage and tumble away for 1-4 days

depending on the way you want yours to look.

Thanks for the fun day at your blog.

I look forward to a long fun friendship.


Come for a visit and follow along and I try to come by and follow everyone that follows me.

Thanks again to Cheri for being part of Hostage Week. I am also bloggin' over at her place so go check it out. I am loving this idea of making your own beach glass. Very pretty!!

Hostage Week is great, minus my big FAT packing mess that I am dealing with at my house!! Don't forget to enter the Adorabelle Couture Pettiskirt Giveaway here, the $10 gift card to Homemade by Nicole here, and the Crochet Patterns Giveaway by Inner Hooker here. They all end at midnight on Sunday. Don't miss the chance to win!!


Sharon@Keen Inspirations May 14, 2010 at 6:07 AM  

This is awesome! We actually own a rock tuumbler...I am going to try and do this...if I can find the tumbler!
Thanks for sharing this!

Lisl Armstrong May 21, 2010 at 11:28 AM  


Just letting everyone know that I made the bracelet pictured above with sea glass from England that was worn smooth only by the sea. Many of us that work with genuine beach found sea glass do not think that artificially tumbled glass should be called sea glass or beach glass at all even in the form of faux sea glass etc. Anyway if you would like to learn more about the real thing please visit the Out Of the Blue Seaglass Jewelry website at:


If you would like to learn more about creating jewelry and other works of art with sea glass then please join Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors at:



Lisl Armstrong

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