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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Since this summer, my little sweet 3 year old that has been the best sleeper since pretty much birth has had issues falling asleep. I think it is that whole transition of a big boy bed and all that new found freedom. (Did I mention he never climbed out of his crib once?? I know, it is astounding and absolutely nothing to do with me being super mom. I guess he just didn't like the thought of falling!)

So right now his mattress is on the floor. Gasp. I know! But our budget is small and since we knew coming here this year that we would be moving in a year, I figured why move something right after getting it and risk it getting ruined! I have been looking into some bed sets though. Tons out there to choose from. Some seem a little out of our price range, at least for now. I think that we may just decide to build him one on our own. So I have been drooling over some faves on Ana White's blog. Sure do love her stuff. I have been oohing and ahhing about it from almost it's beginning and have yet to make something. With moving constantly and being all across the US, can you blame me??!

Now I have about 4-6 or maybe even 8-10, 'I HAVE to have that type' of build your own furniture projects on my list. Soon enough...but I do think my little man's bed frame is going to be near the top! My step-dad made me a couple things out of Pottery Barn's mag about 4 years or so ago before Ana White came out with so many great plans. I have those ever so coveted leaning shelves, some great Bailey Cubes for end tables, and some beautiful wall shelves inspired by these crown molding shelves. My step-dad did some fabulous work on my stuff and I was able to change it up how I wanted. I know. I am spoiled! I will have to take some pics and display them sometime. He is an excellent crafter with wood and I love that Ana White has made it accessible for just about everyone to dip their hand into that pot too.

Have you made anything fun from her blog? If so, link it up in a comment. I would love to see it!! Besides, you have to brag it up and show it off!


Southern Belle September 28, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

That is my new favorite website. I can't wait to get a wood working shop. I love doing crafty wood stuff and making my own furniture. Brian and I made Jocelyn a doll house and it is was so much fun. We definitely needed more space though. SUPER cute stuff!

Tasha September 28, 2010 at 4:56 PM  

Oh, I cannot wait to see what you decide to build. I am sure it will be great. One project at a time right. Or well...lots of projects put working towards them one bit at a time. :)

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