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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think I have been dreaming of home decor in my sleep. I cannot wait to be in a "real" home that I can decorate for a more permanent time period. Some day soon. I can feel it. The hubs finishes up school in May so I am hoping it is soon after that.

One thing I cannot wait to outfit is a home office. I have been checking out office furniture. Can I just say I cannot believe how many options there are out there? Do you get a huge plump black office chair? Or something a little less "Trump-ish?" What about color schemes? I am so trying to lighten up our house by infusing some lighter, airier colors. I think the winter/fall has lasted a bit too long and I am ready for things to be springy and cheerful.

Anyone have any great office ideas? Link up your blog posts in the comments so I can check them out!!

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