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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here is a repeat of a blog swap I did over at The Country Chic Cottage here. I am reposting it on my blog for keepsake purposes.

If you haven't been following me this week, I am planning a dinosaur birthday party for my son. Today I am continuing on with my Dinosaur Party stuff for my little man, Hudson. He is turning 3 and he needed something to help him feel like the special birthday boy. Enter the freaky Spongebob party hat. Sorry to anyone who is into Spongebob. We just aren't in that stage yet and I am not really into characters. (I know, my poor kids!) Plus, Spongebob was the only party hats that Walmart had.
So I took apart the hat and laid it out as flat as I could get it. I found some fun scrapbook paper at the store to cover up Spongebob's shining face. Be sure to place the hat face down onto the backside of the paper to trace...otherwise it will be backwards and although it can be fixed, it does matter a little. (Yep, I did it the 'wrong' way that is how I know!!)Use a bit of spray adhesive and spray the face and the backside of the paper. Let it sit for a minute and adhere it together. I decided I wanted to add some dino bling to this so I took my png file and imported it into Make the Cut. It automatically traces the image right there in the program.
Then I cut it out with my Cricut.I took off the scrap of paper to reveal my cute little dino ready to be placed on the hat.
I used spray adhesive on the back of that and stuck it on like so. I decided it needed something a bit more birthday-ish too.
I grabbed some curling ribbon and added it to the top. I just got lazy and taped it inside in the pointy part. And like that, we go from Spongebob to Dinosaurs. I can't wait to see what Hudson thinks of it!

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