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Redo {Pencil Holder}

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here is a repeat of a blog swap I did over at Creation Corner here. I am reposting it on my blog for keepsake purposes.

I enjoy a good Mod Podge project. I figured it had been WAY too long since my last one and while I was trying to figure out what to lather that white goo on, I looked up and saw my boring pencil holder on my computer desk.I searched through my stack of scrapbook papers and picked a few out. I asked the hubs which one he liked the best, since I figured it was sort of in mutual territory. He chose this one. I took a white piece of paper and traced around the side of the pencil holder to get a better idea of what size it was. Since it is a bit curved, it was kind of hard to tell.I used the white "pattern" to help me cut out the paper with my paper trimmer. I cut four pieces out for each of the sides. I opted for not painting the holder because it matches my computer desk and I wanted to keep it the same color.I sloshed on the Mod Podge and put the paper on each side, being careful to line up my edges as good as possible.Once it was dry, I used sandpaper to even out the edges that were too long.I grabbed my distressing ink in walnut stain and went to town on the edges to make it stand out a bit more. Then I tied some raffia around it just to give it just a tiny bit more flair. I was pleased and the hubs liked it too. Score! (Have to use a game reference for him to keep it more manly!!)

Now, I know you don't all have the same pencil holder that I have but I did think this tutorial would help you to think outside the box. There are tons of things right in front of our face that we could do a craft makeover on. So stop looking past them and get to work!!

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