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Flower for the Bag

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here is a repeat of a blog swap I did with The Crafty Cupboard here. I am reposting it on my blog for keepsake purposes.

I recently had a post where I made this bag:

I thought it was cute but decided I could still add a little something else.

Enter the flower:
I think fabric, felt or pretty much any kind of flower is all the RaGe right now. I love them!! I wish I made them to go on everything I own. Well, maybe not everything but at least a lot of things. But we all know what it is like making something with little ones around. You take what you can get!

Here is a quick tutorial on how I put this sweet little number together in about 15 minutes. Yeah, you read that right. 15 minutes!!

Scrounge up some various sized round shapes from your kitchen and your scraps of fabric.
Trace around your biggest round object to make a circle and cut it out.
Then go ahead and repeat this process a few times for smaller shapes. I would recommend maybe 3-5 layers.
I wanted mine to be a bit "puffier" so I ironed on some scraps of fusible Thermolan interfacing. Obviously, this step can totally be omitted if you want.
Once you have the circles cut out, cut little notches in them to create petals. I did five notches but you could do less or more if you want. I guess it depends on what kind of flower you are trying to mimic.
I rounded off the edges of each notch to make it look more smooth and flower like. I repeated this with another layer too. I decided to keep one of them in the original circle shape.
Then I made a fabric covered button. If you aren't sure how to do this, check out my tutorial. It is SO easy!!
Then pile it all on top of each other and either hand sew it together or hot glue it. I usually choose to sew since it's easier to do on the couch!
Then you can pin it or sew it onto whatever you are adding the "floral" touch to. So easy and yet just the right amount of femininity. (Wow, that word is hard to get out!)


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